Backed on Tabarca pool enclosure

Backed on Tabarca pool enclosure

The backed on version of the Tabarca model is ideal when your swimming pool is near a wall and it can even become an extension to your house with direct access to the cover interior.


Highly sturdy and attractive, this cover fits into any environment perfectly. Designed to make the most of the interior space, its mobile side panels allow a great variety of openings which afford different functionalities.


Using this cover you can convert your swimming pool into a relaxing, comfortable place where you can take a swim conveniently.

Or, should you prefer, include some loungers or other furnishings in its interior and use it as a covered terrace.

  • Double-leaf sliding doors without any track on the floor, façade and bottom.
  • Side panels with four opening possibilities:
  • Partial lower opening for cleaning the interior.
  • Partial intermediate opening for ventilation.
  • Opening of the upper panel, leaving the lower panel to serve as a safety fence.
  • Total opening of both panels. situated at 2.10 m high, thereby leaving totally clear side access.
  • Transparent polycarbonate on the sides, façade and bottom.
  • Transparent alveolar polycarbonate on the ceiling.
  • All polycarbonates treated for dual-faced UV ray protection.
  • Option of customising the cover into any colour from the RAL, RAL Futura and RAL Metallic range or wooden finish.