This telescopic cover stands out for the sobriety of its lines and its ease of use.

It is moved using a polyamide wheel system so you don’t need any kind of rail.

What’s more it has trims at the corners which highlight its aesthetic beauty. This cover design allows you to be in the interior, comfortably making the most of the space, whilst when it is withdrawn this allows easy access to the swimming pool without any kind of obstacle that could hinder access.

What’s more, when the modules are gathered up within each other, the roof is configured like a practical covered porch.

  • Different opening options (total, central, from the second module).
  • Tilting, collapsible façade, fixed or detachable, always fitted with a sliding access door.
  • Secured bottom with double-leaf sliding doors without any track on the floor.
  • Option of placing side sliding doors.