Low cover endowed with a modern aerodynamic design, independent modules and lateral opening with supports for modules.

The simplest, most practical and accessible way of protecting your swimming pool all the year round.

This model affords independent lateral opening for each module and on both sides.

Its light, yet  resistant structure affords great ease of operation. The modules can be raised and be secured by supports or totally disassembled and piled up on top of each other.

  • Fixed or demountable bottom and façade.
  • Option of placing side hatches.
  • Transparent polycarbonate on the sides, façade and bottom.
  • Transparent alveolar polycarbonate on the ceiling.
  • All polycarbonates treated for dual-faced UV ray protection.
  • Option of customising the cover into any colour from the RAL, RAL Futura and RAL Metallic range or wooden finish.