Madeira mix

Madeira mix

The advantages of the standard model and the trackless model joined in one cover.

This elegant, semi-spherical shaped cover stands out for its practicality and adaptability. The cover moves along tracks located on one side and by wheels on the opposite side.

In this way when the cover is drawn in, we have three of the four swimming pool sides totally obstacle-free. The track on the ground greatly facilitates the sliding of the modules whilst simultaneously providing greater stability and securing to the cover.

With this model you can convert your swimming pool into a space for relaxation and comfort when the cover is closed and enjoy your pool uncovered when it’s hot in just a  few seconds thanks to its flexible, easy opening system.

  • Displacement guided by wheel system.
  • Variable height in line with the width.
  • Demountable, fixed bottom and façade with an access door to the cover’s interior.
  • Transparent polycarbonate on the sides, façade and bottom.
  • Transparent alveolar polycarbonate on the ceiling.
  • All polycarbonates treated for dual-faced UV ray protection.
  • Option of customising the cover into any colour from the RAL, RAL Futura and RAL Metallic range or wooden finish.