Cleaning and savings


External agents

Exposure of the swimming pool to external agents that get the water dirty not only means an increase in maintenance costs, but also spending more time on looking after it.


Clean the whole year round

Cleaning your pool is ensured the whole year round by an ABRISOL cover as it protects the water from dust, insects, leaves, earth etc… thus saving on chemicals for disinfecting and looking after your pool and, in particular, a major saving in the time you spend on its maintenance.



An Abrisol cover entails a 50% saving on the operation of the purifier and on the use of chemicals.



What’s more, the materials used to manufacture our swimming pool covers allow UVA ray filtration and insulation from the outside climate and hence heat is retained in a wholly ecological and natural manner, increasing the temperature inside the cover from 8ºC to 10ºC and contributing to a major energy saving.