Swimming pool covers for large dimensions

Swimming pool covers for large dimensions

Make the most out of our personalised, customised covers for large dimensions with which you can protect your swimming pool without a care in the world. They are the best way of saving as they substantially reduce maintenance and maintain heat in totally ecological fashion.

We have vast experience in the manufacture and installation of covers with large dimensions for a wide range of customers: local councils, schools, campsites, hotels etc.

Our technical department carries out a customised project in each case, adapting to any swimming pool size and shape and carrying out advice work to help our customers decide between the different cover types in line with their requirements.

Having an indoor swimming pool affords greater added value, standing out from customers with an open-air swimming pool.

Having an aquatic space which may simultaneously provide rest and fun all the year round is an aspect ever more highly regarded in modern society.

Tener una piscina cubierta proporciona un gran valor añadido y un excelente punto de diferenciación para clientes con piscina abierta al público. Contar con un espacio acuático que pueda proporcionar al mismo tiempo descanso y diversión durante todo el año resulta un aspecto cada vez más valorado en la sociedad actual.